Aerospace is in our DNA. Our technology is derived from an advanced Aerospace application. To lift-off vertically, some aircraft can change the direction of the engines exhaust. Cobalt Motion has simplified and further optimized this system for use as motion platform.

Traditional motion systems (right) consists of at least two perpendicular motorized joints. The motion of the purple platform is a compound movement of both joints. The payload can move up, down, left and right with respect to the neutral position.

Our novel motion system (left) has non-perpendicular joints and consists of two rotating half-spherical segments. Controlled rotation of each segment results in a motion up, down, left and right as illustrated.

More Payload Weight

More strength because of exoskeleton structure, instead of flexible structure in existing systems

More Payload Space

More payload space compared to existing systems, because the whole system is located below the platform.

More Reliable and Safe

Closed structure provides good weather protection, shields noise and prevents injury.

New Cycloid Motion

Cycloid motion possible with 1 motor and without a control system, instead of 2 motors and control system in existing systems.