• A rotating support system and a dynamic seat containing the same
    一种旋转支撑系统和包含其的动感座椅 – CN202122265940.1
  • A single degree of freedom angle rotary joint and a motion system including the same
    一种单自由度角旋转接头及包括其的运动系统 – CN202220685132.2
  • A dynamic seat
    一种动感座椅 CN202111083127.0 and US18606522
  • A movement system
    一种运动系统 PCT/CN2023/110859 and PCT/P2024/0201184
  • Motion system with controllable rotation range
    转动范围可控的运动系统 – PCT/CN2023/112060
  • Solar tracking device, solar tracking system, and methods of use
    太阳能跟踪装置、太阳能跟踪系统、及其使用方法 – PCT/CN2023/124379
  • Laser Gimbal
    运动导引装置 – PCT/CN2024/075285